Tribal Development

Jarkhand Tribal Development Program


The prog has five components i.e water, forest, land, human resourses and livestock development. It thus covers health, income, environment, education, agriculture and other issues concerning five components. The objective of the Programme is to develop and implement a replicable model that ensures household food security and improves livelihood opportunities and overall quality of life of the tribal population based on the sustainable and equitable use of natural resources. To achieve this, the Programme:

  • Empowers tribal grassroots associations and users' groups, including women and other marginal groups
  • Promotes activities which generate sustainable increases in production and productivity of land and water resources
  • Generates sources of income outside of agriculture, particularly for the landless.


The basic approach is to promote processes of awareness generation, legal literacy, social analysis and mobilisation for self-selecting group formation among disadvantaged women and marginalized groups. The programme supports initiatives identified, planned and implemented by beneficiaries and provides the required resources and support. The resources are managed directly by the beneficiaries after appropriate training and capacity building These are supplied through NGOs with a proven experience in applying such approaches.


  • Construction of 109 Pond
  • Construction of 10 Village Approach Road
  • Construction of 43 Irrigation Canal
  • Construction of 2 Drinking well (1 for PTG & 1 for Landless)
  • Construction of 8 Life Saving Irrigation 5% Model
  • Construction of 4 Check Dam
  • Gram Sabhas Formalized and have become Institutions of Governance and are overseeing the implementation of several major programmes related to Water & Land Management & Livelihood promotion